We are Trucks Roosendaal worldwide the specialist in the field of used trucks, tractors, trucks, trailers and trailers. You can contact us for all top brands: Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Scania, Renault, MAN and Iveco. Good quality and competitively priced trucks and trailers will quickly increase the return on your business! We have 200 permanent vehicles in stock and are all ready to work.

We offer a very comprehensive package in which we can provide you with all documents and / or services. Organizing MOT inspections, export documents and shipments is a daily task here. All customers who visit here will get a positive experience, we always give the best for the customer.

More than 10 languages ​​are spoken at Trucks Roosendaal, so you can purchase your vehicle here in your own language.

Trucks Roosendaal also does rental of all kinds of vehicles, mainly for longer periods (> 3 months). We have tractors, trucks, trailers and trailers ready for rental. This way you can also get acquainted with your potential next purchase by, for example, first renting half a year and then buying the truck. This will give you a very comfortable feeling.

In addition, we have our own cleaning company, which means that you can have your own truck or newly purchased trucks cleaned at any level, polishing, de-sticking, interior cleaning and special waxing is no problem for us. We have the capacity to handle your truck completely within a few hours, because we jump with about 5 people on top of the job and you have little time loss and yet top quality.

Our customers come from South America to the Middle East to Africa. We also have a lot of customers who put their trust in us and do not visit and have everything arranged from A – Z and can thus pick up the vehicle in the nearest port in the local country. We are known worldwide as a reliable, serious and experienced company.

Trucks Roosendaal
Hermelijnweg 27-29
4877 AE, Etten-Leur | Nederland

+31 (0) 165 – 39 89 49
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